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Meeting the customer is our starting point; we welcome directions, information and details on the project to be created.
After this phase, our work in the company continues with the production of technical drawings, transferring 3D ideas and projects.

Then we provide our customers with technical consultancy and the ideal solutions to meet their requirements, viewed through 3D CAD drawings. Then we implement the drawing with the insertion of specific hardware (the components needed to move the furniture, making it usable) giving a final shape to the project.

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Quality and time:
essential elements for perfect work.

Through engineering, we can predict structural and aesthetic issues that may arise during assembly.
Thanks to this process, we avoid losing time during production and assembly, ensuring even cost optimisation, as this way minimises the need to make modifications during the work. Customers may, through the 3D drawing, also visualize the space with proportions and structural features of the furnishing elements and space division.

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