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Fabbian Arredamenti srl:
custom-made craftsmanship.

Established in 1991 as a small individual artisan company that dealt with design for individuals, today, Fabbian Arredamenti srl also collaborates with leading companies in the single-brand furnishing industry and various architectural studios.

Our joiner’s workshop has thus increased its professional knowledge with experience and satisfaction. Today, the company has fifteen employees so it is able to complete important orders in time frames that suit market demands.

Technique and innovation, tradition and future.

Major collaborations with various companies and architectural studios have been the occasion for us to equip ourselves with powerful software, for product development and engineering, and therefore replicate each piece even after many years.

Work, passion and important results.

During the meeting with a customer, we analyse the idea or the project, select the materials and define the work details; the strength of Fabbian Arredamenti srl is

  • the direct communication with architects,
  • artisans
  • and others,

with the advantage of precisely providing all the information.

We then perform surveys on the site and make 3D working drawings.
After further discussion with the customer, we start production using the working drawings for the CNC programming of most of the elements, which will then be worked on the most efficient numerical control machines.

The composition and finishing are put into expert hands who ensure top-quality standards.
All information on the projects and articles are stored in our server, so they are available even after years, if certain pieces need to be reproduced.

icona assistenza

When everything is not enough.

We also deal, when required, with the delivery and on-site assembly of the various furnishing elements.

We provide assistance for the accessories, through precise research, professional consultancy on the projects and technical assistance (including after-sales).

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